Tervis 16oz - NASA Logo With Stars Design

Tervis 16oz - NASA Logo With Stars Design

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These tumblers have a NASA logo, wrap design between their double-walled, insulated, BPA-free polymer.  They're perfect for keeping your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot!  Various sizes available.

Made in the USA since 1946.  Microwave/Dishwasher safe.  Lifetime Guarantee.


The Tervis Story

"What started in 1946 as a company that made an innovative plastic tumbler became a mission to change the world. Whether they’re partnering with Florida-based marine research labs, recycling their products into other post consumer products to keep them out of landfills or doing company-wide beach cleanups, they are very protective of our oceans. They want to keep our backyard clean.  The Tervis mission is simple - to take responsibility for their products they put out there instead of leaving the burden on you."